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Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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The OEM Program

Specializing in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries in the workplace and the adverse effects of the environmental hazards on employee health.  

   Anna Mathew, MD, MPH, OEM Program Medical Director
Thomas Franz, MD, Chief, ChoiceCare Physicians, PC  

The primary objective of the OEM Program is to be the community leader of quality service, clinical effectiveness, and cost-efficiency in the field of occupational and environmental medicine.

ChoiceCare Physicians, PC is dedicated to providing innovative, responsible, and collaborative services in occupational and environmental medicine. The OEM Program is committed to continuous quality improvement while garnering insight, addressing the changing needs of the field, and inspiring a positive and meaningful impact on the lives and businesses of its clients.


To receive services through the OEM Program:
Please feel free to speak with one of our ChoiceCare Physicians, PC representatives at 412-828-4597.  An information contact form will be completed to initiate services. There is no contract and no list of conditions to be met. 

The OEM Program provides a multiplicity of services, all of which are coordinated to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • Work-Related Injury and Illness Assessment and Care

  • Non-Work Related Injury and Illness Assessment and Care

  • Pre-Placement Examinations

  • DOT Certification Physicals

  • Hazardous Materials/Medical Surveillance Examinations

  • Industrial Environmental Exposure or Illness Consultations

  • Asbestos Examinations

  • Respirator Fit Examinations

  • Urine/Hair Drug and Breath Alcohol Program Development

  • Medical-Legal Consultations

  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

  • OSHA Compliance

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

  • Job Site Evaluations

  • Wellness/Employee Health Program Development

  • Employee In-Service Education and Training

  • Sports Physicals

  • Insurance Physicals

Ancillary Services

  • Electrocardiograms

  • Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Venipuncture Procedures

  • Audiometric Testing

  • Industrial Vision Screening

  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

  • Functional Evaluations

  • Back Evaluation Programs

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Program

Please contact us regarding the coordination of services or those that may not be listed above.                     


Comprehensive, competent, and accessible evaluation services.

  • Pre-Placement Physical Examinations
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals
  •  Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations
  •  OSHA Mandated Physicals
  • Hazardous Material/Medical Surveillance
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Benzene
  • Cadmium
  • Coke Oven Emissions
  • Lead
  • Respirator Fit Examinations
  • Asbestos

    Tests performed (as required/requested):

  •  Audiometry / CAOHC certified staff

  •  Urine Drug Screens / NIDA certified lab

  • Chest X-Rays / B reading

  • Spirometry / NIOSH approved technicians

  • Breath Alcohol / Certified BATs

  • Electrocardiograms

  •  Complete Industrial Vision Screens

  •  Blood Analysis and Urinalysis


What do you do if you think an employee has a problem with substance abuse?
There are no quick fixes but screening and information help, especially if the screening is carefully controlled and monitored. The OEM Program takes the measures necessary to provide valid and timely screening with a commitment to:

  •  Easy Accessibility (on-site services available on request)

  •  Consistent and proper sample collection and handling

  •  Trained and certified collectors

  •  Timely reporting

  •  The provision of Medical Review Officer (MRO) services

Identifying a problem with substance abuse can greatly reduce potential on-the-job accidents and absenteeism. This is the first step toward initiating treatment for the individual.

Resources and Support
The OEM program provides resources and support throughout every aspect of the identification and/or implementation of a drug and alcohol plan and program as well. When instituting drug testing policies, as an example, several areas need to be addressed. We can help:

  • Develop a Company Policy

  •  Train Supervisor

  • Understand Requirements of Federally Regulated Programs

  •  Obtain a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

  • Select a Lab for Urine Drug Testing

Preventive Medicine and the OEM Program
Traditionally, the practice of internal medicine focuses on the care of individuals while preventive medicine addresses the population as a whole. Both specialties share a concern about the impact of adverse exposures in the development of illness and disease, as well as the positive impact of health promoting behaviors. Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a primary example of such overlap in disciplines and is evidence to the powerful combination of expertise. Clinical epidemiology, health services research, and disease prevention and health promotion have significantly benefited from the shared interest and concern of these combined perspectives.

 The Preventive Medicine services within the OEM Program provide  preventive, clinical, and rehabilitative care. The OEM?/span>s Medical Director, Dr. Anna Mathew is trained in both internal and preventive medicine and applies skills required to study the effect of the environment, including the occupational environment on the health of individuals, their families, and diverse communities. Her expertise is a critical tool used as we continue to work toward the advancement of public health through supporting health promoting behaviors.

  • Wellness Programs

  •  Employee Physicals

  • Continuing Education Programs

  • Individual, Familial, and Group Wellness Consultation and Counseling (as indicated).

  • EAP Education Programs

  • Employer Consultations

  • Medical-Legal Consultations


 How Do I Send An Employee For Treatment?
Complete the Medical Treatment Authorization form, sign, and send it with your employee to:

ChoiceCare Physicians, PC.
One Alexander Center
2585 Freeport Road, Suite 105
Pittsburgh, PA  15238

 Main: (412) 828-4597
Fax:  (412) 828-9865

We also accept verbal authorization once your company?/span>s protocol is on file.

  1. Give us a call.

  2. Specify your needs.

  3.  Complete a company protocol information sheet.

  4.  Add ChoiceCare Physicians, PC to your Workers Compensation Panel and post it in a well-viewed area.

  5. Inform your employees (wallet card, written communication).

Please complete the Company Protocol form. Treatment and services will be completed:

  •  To meet your needs.

  •  According to your instructions.

  •  As outlined in your profile.

 What Happens During The Care Of An Injured Employee?

  • Direct access to the practitioner caring for the employee is provided.

  • Progress notes and bills are available within four business days of each visit.

  • Qualified individuals are always ready to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.

  •  ?/span>No Show?/span> appointments are immediately communicated to the Company/Employer.

  • Return-to-work slips are given to employees at each visit.

  • Employee Status Reports are faxed to the employer following every appointment.

  • Telephone calls will typically be returned the same day, but no later than the next business day.

What Do You Do When An Injury Occurs?

  • Employees should report the injury immediately.

  • Complete an Employer?/span>s First Report of Injury.

  • Complete Medical Authorization.

  • Call ChoiceCare Physicians, PC for medical treatment.

  • Follow the employee?/span>s treatment and work status.

  • Communicate with the employee, physician, and insurance company.

Why Should You Choose The ChoiceCare Physicians, PC Occupational And Environmental Medicine Program?

  • Physicians specializing in work injuries.

  • Cost effective treatment.

  • More time-efficient return-to-work.

  • Minimal patient waiting time.

  • Urgent care seen without appointment.

  • Itemized, comprehensive billing.

  • Progress notes and reports available within four business days.

  • Continuous and consistent communication with employers and insurance carriers.

  • Pre-placement physicals tailored to your needs.

  • Drug screen collections without appointment and 24 hour result return.

  • DOT, OSHA, and other specialty physicals.

  • Breath alcohol testing by certified BATs.

  • Direct communication with the treating physician.

  • Physicians are current and well-advised in Workers?Compensation Law.

  • Full service facilities to include X-ray, EKG, Audiometric and Spirometric tests.

  • Physicians and specialized staff are available to tour your company's facilities, meet, and provide onsite services as indicated.

  • Visits/tours with the ChoiceCare Physicians, PC team and facility are always welcome.


Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
OSHA Mandated Audio Testing.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
Urine, Saliva, and Hair Testing.
Breath-Alcohol testing

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Spirometry Testing


Anna Mathew, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Occupational and Environmental Health Program

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine

  • Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

  • Aviation Medical Examiner Class 2 and 3

  • Certified Medical Review Officer

  • Certified Impairment Rating Evaluator

  • Certified Independent Medical Examiner

Dr. Mathew is a Board Certified Physician in both Internal Medicine and Occupational and Environmental Medicine. She received her Masters in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh and was previously employed as the Medical Director for the USX Corporation. Dr. Mathew has been with ChoiceCare Physicians, PC since 1990. Her primary clinical focus is on the prevention and treatment of injuries and illness in the workplace and the adverse effects of the occupational environment on employee health.

Dr. Mathew is a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Science, American Medical Association, Pennsylvania Medical Society and Allegheny County Medical Society.

Nancy Wagner, CPC, BAT, COHC, RMA
NIOSH Approved in Spirometry
OEM Program Technician

Tara Stawiarski
Practice Administrator


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